Saturday, August 23, 2014

3 / 4 Weeks

I'm SO behind on the blog! We had family here for the past few weeks and I just wanted to spend every second with them rather than on the computer, so now it's time to catch up!!
Genna waiting at the door for Grandma & Gigi Sis to arrive
I'm SO excited!!

playing with Gigi

try this Gigi!

Painting the jewellery box she made with Grandma

Max's morning cuddles with Mama

And cuddles with Grandma (he slept SO well with Grandma!!)

Loving her frozen dress from Mariah!!!!

Looking at Mama

Getting so big :)
Hello Grandma

swimming lesson time!

watching from the sidelines

He LOVES his big sister, really responds to her voice

Shark attack!

Out to lunch

cute :)

At the library
She inspects the pictures to make sure it's suitable to bring home!

Buying new shoes - she wanted red!

oh Hello again!

So many cute new outfits :)

Starting to smile!!

Yum Cha lunch (dumplings) !

Playing at the café while Mama had her hair done

She came later to check on what I was doing

New Red Shoes!!

Yummmm spaghetti!

He looks like he's plotting something :)

Sound asleep :)

more blogs to come!