Monday, September 8, 2014

Final Catchup and Week 7/ 8

a final few catchup pics from my phone
An old pic - off to the park!

Genetics!! Check out that thumb - both Genna and I do that too

Entertaining 'Maxy' as she likes to say

Waiting in line at the aquarium

the displays were really the PERFECT height for her

She LOVED this big window too - amazing display

He looks like he's plotting something ha ha

Fancy lady at the zoo

The giraffe is peeking at us!

dude, sometimes I like to ride

Dressed up - for Easter apparently!

Fancy in my suit

Play dough letters with Grandma

Out to dinner! SUCH a fun night :)

First sleep in his big cot (crib)

First smile I managed to catch on camera!

Dance poses :)

I love that I can see his face on this monitor! Nice to know all is well without running up and down stairs! 

First bottle - with big sister's help!

Fancy stamp lady

He's getting big!

First passport picture!

Roller stamps - SO fun!

Happy boy :)
Happily sleeping in the carrier on Mama :)

And happily sleeping in the stroller out at the mall

Princess puzzle!!

I'm starting to grip things now!

I found my hand!


At the beach with Dadda, so Mama can nap at home with Max

Ready for a walk to the park!

7 Weeks!

Happy :)

Week 8

He has started really responding and starting to talk this week! Occasionally we get a little sound in return and he watches my mouth intently as I speak. We have even had a few little laughs - so sweet!

I don't know if it's being a second baby or that we're more relaxed about things, but wow he's a good baby.

SO happy :)

Loves kicking on his mat!