Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Kindy 2016

Genevieve's first day of kindy 2 Feb 2016

She cried at drop off but then did GREAT! She's loving all the new friends she's making, seeing all her friends from preschool and learning SO SO many new things. We're REALLY proud of her :)
Max misses her SO much in the day. He always runs up to her for a big hug at pickup :)
(she's talking about how she had 'non sticky' bandaids on her knees - fell today running but all good - just a few scratches :)

Lets see if I can remember a few cute things she told me

She has made lots of new friends. The boy who she sat next to last week (they sit at tables of 4 which are mixed up each week) - she said they 'drew and H together' :)

I started putting a little note in with her lunch sandwich, but because she doesn't read I was writing a name and a heart. She said 'Mama, you don't need to draw a heart. Write Love and put a heart after it. I learned how to read today, so I can read it :)'

One of the first days at home she was so cranky from exhaustion so was just chilling with tv after school. I put Max in the crook of my left elbow then started rubbing her feet with my right hand. I said do you feet hurt from your new shoes? She said yes please rub them that feels nice. Just a nice sweet moment to reconnect after a tough day :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

18 Months !!

Our big boy :)

SOOOO happy :)

Officially 11.6 kilos (25.5 pounds), 87 cm tall (2.85 feet). He grew 8 cm in the last 6 months!!! WOW! Still puts him in the 90th percentile for height.

He has SO many new words I have lost count - lately 'airplane' and 'outside' are his favorite (and NO of course :)

Yesterday was a milestone for Max! I put a handful of blueberries on his high chair along with cereal for breakfast. He picked them all up and said 'Back' and handed them to me to put back. I was SO happy he didn't just throw them on the ground :) Also he had a baby breakfast bar, and took the wrapper and threw it in the bin by himself!! Smart boy :)

cuddles with her bear :)

exhausted after Christmas guests :) I brought him downstairs after his nap and he just passed out again on the sofa!!
when she comes down in the morning he crawls up in her lap :)

then they watch a bit of tv together :)

and before bed he LOVES reading books with his 'Nena'

and climbing on her of course :)
our talker!

loving her xmas gift of raincoat & umbrella from Dadda & Mama

She LOVES the rain!
First slide by himself! this one is the perfect height and gradient that I'm ok with him being on his own :)
Getting into her new magazine from Kevin & Joni

WOW hard to tell the shape - but I got a cool new pancake pan from Costco that make animal faces, we decided to try eggs in it one night like omelettes and it was great!!

just got the shoes - and some bows!

ready for Kindy :)
fancy high tea food with Helen (our xmas gift to each other!). Top was desserts, middle the savoury and bottom scones - all DELICIOUS!
Max coloring in his scribble book - it's just perfect because it's meant for scribbling!

big boy! waiting for Nena to wake up

YAY she's up :)

I LOVE this elephant!!!

singing :) not sure what - but it's cute!

He was totally doing it - then the camera (&light) came on & he just smiled instead :)

He does it a bit :) (twinkle twinkle)

Pool day with Clara & Amelia

Max in flight

LOVING all the attention :)

Working on her kindy leap reader sheets - 2 weeks from today she starts big school!!

We had to take the cushions off the sofa after he leaned over the arm of it so far he fell head first, luckily I was sitting nearby and caught him by the leg before he landed on his head!! With the cushions off he can't reach far enough over the arms anymore to topple (yet!)!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Final post from Grandma & Grandpa's visit

Targona Zoo :)

Boxing day Sydney to Hobart race was about to start so boats were moving out to get a good view!

we took a break from animal viewing in the great splash area

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next a lovely lunch with an amazing harbour view!
A REALLY fun day :)

back home - elephant time!! he LOVES this toy

time to blow up the swan :)

he can't stop saying quack quack !!

room for 3

I put on Murray's hat as I couldn't find mine - didn't think about photos opps!

cuddles with Dadda
coloring with Aunty Helen

dinner cruise time! :)

SUCH a fun night :)
Manly day :)

Night time books

She LOVES the new Dr. Seuss books Grandma brought :)

Loving book time :)

SUCH a great visit - we miss them a lot! But SUCH wonderful memories :)